Good Books

Here are 3 books...
1. Here is History of England by Thomas MacAulay.
2. Here is Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone.
3. Here is The Creation of the American Republic 1776-1787 by Gordon S. Wood.

You're the best.
Patrick O'Brian

A great series about a 19th Century Royal Navy Post Captain and his ship's physician. Be prepared to buy the entire set of 19 books. Some of the books end at awkward moments so you'll want to start the next book immediately. I also enjoyed Dean King's companion books which help explain the nautical terms and geography of the time.

Dorothy Dunnett

Another great series about the adventures of 16th century second son of a wealthy Scottish family. The first two books are excellent and fairly independent stories. Once you get to The Disorderly Knights you'll want to have the rest of the series handy so you can continue the story.

The intrigue and politics in this series can be very complicated, but stories are engrossing. Her writing is beautiful and makes me wish I remembered more of my Latin.

Patrick O'Brian

Master and Commander
The first book in Patrick O'Brian's Jack Aubrey and Stephen Maturin series.
Post Captian
No. 2
H.M.S. Surprise
No. 3
The Mauritis Command
No. 4

Dorothy Dunnett

The Game of Kings
The first book of Dorthy Dunnett's Francis Crawford series.
Queens' Play
No. 2
The Disorderly Knights
No. 3
Pawn in Frankincense
No. 4
The Ringed Castle
No. 5
No. 6
King Hereafter
Dorothy Dunnett's story of Macbeth. I really enjoyed this story with Macbeth as a hero. It also presented a great explanation of the politics of Western Europe and the Church just prior to the 1066 Norman invasion of England.
Spring of the Ram
Dorothy Dunnett
Race of Scorpions
Dorothy Dunnett