Sun 'N Fun 1998

Frank Borman's P-63 Kingcobra at Sun 'N Fun 1998. It is an absolutely beautiful restoration.  
The P-63 attracted a crowd virtually all day long.  
Close-up of the P-63 engine compartment.    
There was also a very authentic looking P-47.    
The P-47 is impressively large for a WWII single seat fighter.    
A few P-51s arrived on Saturday and Sunday, but like the T-28's, T-6's and other non jet warbirds, there weren't nearly as many as in prior years. The rumor was that many people were stuck north of a line of thunderstorms that lingered for several days in northern Alabama, Georgia, and most of Kentucky and Tennessee. This is a picture of "Slender, Tender and Tall" which is a very pretty P-51, but it must take a lot of polishing to keep it sparkling.    
This is a picture of an interesting P-51 Cavalier conversion done by Cavalier for the USAF in the late 1960's. I don't know the story on these conversions. Feel free to send me e-mail if you know the story behind these P-51's.    
It seems the Thunderstorms didn't build high enough to be obstacles for the L-39's... At one point I counted 13 L-39 tails. There were more L-39's than T-28's on Sunday.    
If you've got the cash and really want to fly a pointy nose jet, these seem like they would be fun.