Here is my dry summary of the T-28 history…

The North American T-28 was both an Air Force and Navy trainer used from 1950 until 1984. It was built in 3 versions, A, B and C.

T-28As were built from 1950 - 1953 and used as trainers by the Air Force. The T-28A was the first model of the T-28, and was powered by an 800 hp. Wright R-1300 with a 2 blade constant speed propeller.

In 1952 the Navy evaluated the T-28A as a replacement for the North American SNJs, and asked North American to replace the Wright R-1300 with the Wright R-1820. With the bigger engine, the horsepower increased from 800 to 1425 and the propeller was changed to a 3 blade constant speed prop. The bigger engine also required a larger, rounder cowl as opposed to the A model’s tapered cowl. Other major physical differences were: 3 exhaust stacks on each side of the B’s versus 2 on each side for the A’s, a lower profile canopy, and a speed brake.

The T-28C was first built in 1955, and was basically a B model that had a tail hook and could be used on aircraft carriers.

There are 2 other variants of the T-28. The Fennec, and the T-28D. No brand new T-28s came off the assembly line as Fennecs or D’s, rather A’s, B’s, and C’s were converted.

In 1958 the French were looking for a replacement for their ground attack T-6s. They wanted T-28Bs, but the Navy had rights to all of the new T-28s being produced. The French did however acquire 148 A models that were in storage at Davis-Montham. They then changed the engines, (removed the R-1300 and installed the R-1820-76A), reversed the throttle operation, (forward is closed aft is open ?? why do this?) and added all sorts of hard points and armor. Most of these conversions were done by Sud Aviation in 1959. These planes were then used by the French in Algeria from the end of 1960 until the end of the war in July of 1962. After the war they were used to train pilots in the reserves until the reserves were disbanded in the end of 1964

Sometime in 1961 the U.S. also decided the T-28 would work in a ground attack role. Some B models were modified, and sent to Vietnam. Between 1961 and 1969 these modifications were formalized, and A’s, B’s, and C’s were strengthened, armored, and in the case of the A’s re-engined and designated T-28Ds.



Number Manufactured




1950 to 1953



1954 to 1955



1955 to 1957



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